2014 HADA Convention

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2015 HADA Convention

The 2015 HADA Convention is being held again, by popular request, at The Fairmont Kea Lani, an all-suite hotel on Wailea, Maui. Below is a link to the online registration website where HADA members will find their way to register for both the convention and their hotel rooms. A summary of the convention program is listed. Members can register for golf tournaments on Friday and Saturday to be held on the Wailea Gold & Emerald courses as well as sign up for the Tennis Clinic & Tournament to be held Saturday. Additionally, sponsorships can be registered and paid for on this site.

2015 HADA Convention registration: (click here)

The Fairmont Kea Lani Hotel
Online hotel registration: (click here)
Direct phone: 800-659-4100
(ask for special HADA rate)

Under the Hood the Work is Good

if you are someone who likes good pay and likes solving problems

...there are good jobs in automotive technology

It's one of the fastest career paths because dealerships provide the training.

A modern new car dealership is as spotless as a creamery and loaded with the latest in technology and computerized analyzing tools.

Six week summer automotive experience for Juniors and Seniors.
Intern at a Cutter Dealership and learn theory at Honolulu Community College.
Receive 4 college credits towards an Associate of Applied Science degree in Automotive Technology.


Hawaii's 2015 State Teacher of the Year receives (use for a year) a Honda CRV provided by Honda Windward

Waikiki Elementary School teacher Catherine Caine, the newly-named 2015 Hawaii State Teacher of the Year, receives use for a year of a Honda CRV presented on behalf of Honda Windward's owner Morrie Stoebner by Honda Windward's Bob Belbas. Read More...

The 55th General Meeting of the Association featured Robert Zarco as keynote speaker

Trial lawyer Robert Zarco kept a packed-room audience of 220 HADA members and guests spellbound for his one-and-a-half-hour remarks on franchise law.

"He spoke in terms everyone could understand," said Sky Stewart, guest of husband Tom Stewart, who works with a HADA associate member firm.

He brought 36 pages of law to life," said another in the audience--a tv station general manager and a HADA associate member--who was part of the 44 companies and organizations sponsoring HADA 55th annual convention, held this year at the Fairmont Kea Lani on Maui, October 9-12, 2014.

Zarco, an internationally-recognized $800-an-hour Miami attorney, was able to engage the audience at full attention during the General Meeting of the Association Friday, October 10, 2014, for what some attendees later described as a riveting, paragraph-by-paragraph review of the Hawaii licensing laws -the laws that apply to franchised dealers, distributors, and manufacturers -all contained in Hawaii Revised Statutes, Chapter 437.

The diverse audience of nearly eighty percent of the state's franchised new car dealers also included representatives from associate-member firms including executives from the state's largest banks, radio and tv stations, newspapers, ocean shipping companies, insurance firms, accounting firms, F&I product firms, attorney firms, auto compliance firms, data management system providers, and uniform suppliers. National and international firms were also represented in the audience.

How was he able to hold a big diverse audience like that for nearly two hours?

The answer was in his ability to simplify complex legal matters so that people were able to easily understand all of their rights under Hawaii's laws.

"You have some of the best laws in the country," said Zarco adding, "you should thank the people who put them together."

NextGen dealer Brad Nicolai introduced this year's keynote speaker.

JN Automotive Group was one of the special events sponsors for the keynote remarks. Cox Automotive Group also assisted with a special events sponsorship of the remarks.

New HADA president Bill van den Hurk concluded the meeting by offering some thoughts on the direction of the association in over the next two years. Bill's vision includes offering HADA help in streamlining DMV processes through electronic registration and electronic lien and title processing.

NADA Director Stan Masamitsu provided insights on efforts to obtain to obtain our delegation's help for "an act of Congress"

"Because it literally takes an act of Congress to invoke any change in our laws, it's very difficult for any one of us to change the way our government works on our own," said NADA Stan Masamitsu during his remarks to the Association at the General Meeting Friday, October 10, 2014. "However, when each of us work together as part of a group, whether as NADA at the national level or as HADA at the state level, we CAN have our voices heard, we CAN send a powerful message to our elected officials, and we CAN make a positive difference. But it all starts with a commitment on an individual level."

Stan reported on the trip to Washington D.C. he made September 9 and 10 accompanied by NextGen HADA member Keoni Hansen and HADA executive director Dave Rolf to request help from our Hawaii Congressional delegation on two key measures: 1) support in the House for H.R. 5403—the measure to rescind the March 2013 Guidance issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, allowing for a reissuance after public and industry input—and 2) support from our members of the U.S. Senate for revisions to S.921—a measure that would ground rental cars and service loans for even minor safety recalls, including a typo in the owner's manual.

During the trip, our HADA representatives met with each member of our Hawaii Congressional delegation during substantive meetings at their offices on the Hill.

Stan also mentioned that the president's budget contained a provision that would dramatically affect the ability of dealerships to deduct advertising as a business expense. This subject was also discussed during HADA's trip to the Hill.

He concluded his remarks with, "It all starts with you. You can make a difference."

The newly-elected, and continuing members of the 2015 HADA Board of Directors took the oath of office during ceremonies held during the General Meeting.

The following HADA officers and directors continue in their terms or were elected during the General Meeting of the Association, Friday, October 10, 2014 at the Fairmont Kea Lani, Wailea, Maui during the 55 annual HADA convention:

Bill van den Hurk President (2-year term)
Brian Kitagawa President-elect (2-year term)
Eric Fukunaga Vice President (1-year term)
Wayne De Luz Secretary (1-year term)
Nick Cutter Treasurer (1-year term)
Stan Masamitsu Oahu director (1-year term)
Kenny Ching Oahu director (serving 2nd of 2-year term)
Morrie Stoebner Oahu director (serving 2nd of 2-year term)
Dan Keppel Oahu director (1-year term)
Keoni Hansen At-Large Director (1-year term)
Marc Cutter At-Large Director (1-year term)
Hawaii Is. Director Jackie De Luz (elected by Hawaii Island Dealers)
Maui Director Damien Farias (2 yrs--elected by Maui Dealers)
Kauai Director Ryan Mackey (elected by Kauai Dealers)
Immed. Past Pres. Mike Niethammer

Note: Stan Masamitsu is also the NADA director, elected by NADA members

HADA Mission Statement

The mission of HADA is to help auto dealers comply with the laws so as to make car buying by the public trouble free.

HADA is a nonprofit 501(c)6 Trade Association.

Hawaii's dealers maintain a multi-BILLION dollar retail industry.
Dealers provide 4,000 well paying jobs in Hawaii.
Dealers generate $300 million in tax revenue for state and local government.

To locate a dealer in your area, click here.

For a complete list of automobile manufacturers, click here.

HADA has always had a commitment to its community. We are proud to support the following events and opportunities

The First Hawaiian International Auto Show
HADA's State Teacher of the Year Car Program
HADA Convention
HADA Tech Training Scholarships
Working with the community on energy conservation
Working with government officials on traffic reduction

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