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Recap 2013 First Hawaiian International Auto Show

First Hawaiian International Auto Show media sponsor, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, prepared a
comprehensive guide that was distributed at the auto show and inserted in the Wednesday edition.  The
TGIF section of the Friday edition featured the auto show as its cover story. 


MidWeek’s cover story, the week of the auto show, featured HADA president Mike Niethammer and
extensive coverage of features to be seen at the show.  The headline subtly touched on immediate past-president
Nick Cutter’s theme of the continuing transition to NextGen dealers in HADA.  The headline:
“Driving into the Future.” 


Convenient roadways lead show-goers around 200,000 square feet of carpeted show floor—featuring
350 cars and trucks—and this year’s show theme:  Cars, Technology, Fun!


Hawaii’s auto show is the ONLY auto show in the U.S. which features an electric utility at its center.  HECO
has erected a handsome exhibit for the past two years as electric vehicles are appearing more frequently
in dealership showrooms and on Hawaii’s roadways. 


The Autowatts exhibit was new this year.  Dealers at a December HADA board meeting had heard a
presentation by company CEO Alex Tiller.  Members then requested that Autowatts  purchase floor space
to introduce their exclusive method of selling EV+PV.  HADA hopes that federal grant money which has been
designated for green jobs training can be used to simplify the EV-selling process through training developed
on systems like the one created by Autowatts—which held the world debut of their new system here at the
auto show in Hawaii. 


Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, speaking at the VIP Preview Night event, 7 p.m. Thursday, March 21,
drew applause at his mention of the modification of the estate tax—legislation which, at HADA’s request,
he helped introduce  and shepherd to passage during his time in Congress.  The subsequent modification
of the estate tax will help family-owned dealerships transition ownership of long-time family-held businesses.
The governor also spoke of the continuing emphasis on clean, Hawaii-made, renewable energy for cars.


Alex Tiller, CEO of Autowatts, spoke of the need to transition from Hawaii’s dependence on oil. 
He explained how the Autowatts system provides a helpful selling tool for EV sales. 


First Hawaiian Bank’ s CEO Bob Harrison welcomed everyone and explained how the bank’s marketing
director in the late seventies, Walter Dods, Jr., created this auto show.  The bank is the title sponsor
of the First Hawaiian International Auto Show. 


The Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s Dave Kennedy welcomed guests to the VIP PREVIEW NIGHT at the show.
The newspaper serves as show media sponsor and has provided sponsorship of the pre-show event each year.


Kahu Kordell Kekoa offered a traditional Hawaiian blessing.



HADA board of directors members joined the Governor in untying the maile lei and unbuckling the
ceremonial seat belt to officially open the 2013 First Hawaiian International Auto Show.  Shown L-R are:
2013 Miss Hawaii USA Teen Samantha Neyland, Kahu Kordell Kekoa, Brian Kitagawa, Stan Masamitsu,
Governor Neil Abercrombie, Mike Niethammer, Nick Cutter, Joe Hanley, Wayne DeLuz, and Brianna Acosta,
2013 Miss Hawaii USA. 


The VIP Preview Event was attended by more than 400 guests affiliated with Hawaii’s retail auto
industry and related businesses.

Then, doors opened on Friday for Hawaii’s general public….


Show-goers who signed up for free subscription to Motor Trend will receive 12 complimentary editions
over the next year. 


A collection of exotic cars was provided by JN Automotive Group.  The exhibit was often cited in the
post-show surveys as one of the most popular attractions at the show. 


The Maserati MC-12 in the window drew lots of interest. 


KIA took advantage of the free-shipping from the West Coast that Pasha and Matson offered for concept,
pre-production, and feature cars, to support the show and brought in the popular Blake Griffin car with
its basketball motif that included hardwood floorboards that looked just like a basketball court. 


KIA also brought in the Michelle Wie feature car, which was a very popular attraction at this year’s show.


The Hawaii 5-0 cars greeted show-goers as they entered the show. 


Show-goers registered for the $100,000 Giveaway Contest at the First Hawaiian Bank Exhibit.


A contestant was selected every 2 hours of the show and given the opportunity to enter a Maserati and
choose from 295 money bags inside—one of which, if chosen, would provide a cash award of $100,000. 


Free Papa Johns pizza was provided each day for sampling at the show. 


SONY provided a free digital picture for show-goers who wanted to see themselves in an exotic “dream car.”  


Dennis Rademacher, for the Mercedes-Benz exhibit, brought in the original Motor Trend Car of the Year
trophy awarded in the SUV category this year to the Mercedes-Benz GL.   


Clear Channel’s promotion to award not one, but TWO cars to a lucky winner always drew a large crowd. 


Classic and car club exhibits were part of the show’s attractions again this year.  Owner Bob Bosley stands
next to his 1931 Packard—which, in 1978, won the Antique Car Club of America’s first prize. 


What’s new?  The new federal-mandate “Monroney” sticker which is required to be displayed beginning
January 1, 2013, shows information on EPA/DOT “Fuel Economy and Environment.”  Show-goers can easily
compare mile per gallon performance and fuel savings through the new stickers—shown on all the 2013 vehicles.

Hawaii’s auto show is rated AT OR NEAR THE TOP in “crowd density”—a benchmark developed by
Motor Trend for their 22 shows in the U.S.  It measures attendance per square foot per hour and is an
indicator of a well-attended, successful show. 


Nine-year-old Mavin Cook is shown with her tablet on which she drew a car with this question: 
“Did You Know That Cars Cost More Than $1,000?” 


The Cook family, Trevor and Monica, and their three children (l-r) Marshall, Kelsey and Mavin are enjoying
the show on Military 2-for-1 day.  Trevor is serving active duty in the Air Force. 


There were many things to see and do at this year’s show.  And lots of opportunities to win. 


Exhibits from Clean Cities Honolulu and the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism,
which provided information on the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative helped show-goers see how the transition
to renewable fuel in vehicles is taking place in Hawaii.  HADA’s “Cars and Energy” exhibit is in the background. 


Ride ‘n Drives have been a popular addition.  Here a Toyota loads up for a test drive around a road course.


Technology was on display everywhere, even in the form of an App for “all aspects of the auto show!”


The beautiful Hawaii Convention Center provides an excellent venue to showcase the automotive industry
in Hawaii through the annual First Hawaiian International Auto Show.  See you next year!

HADA officers and directors sworn in at the General Meeting
2012 HADA Officers
(L-R) Damien Farias,Keoni Hansen,Joe Hanley, Wayne De Luz, Dan Mackey, Brian Kitagawa, Stan Masamitsu, John Uekawa, Eric Fukunaga, Bill van den Hurk, Mike Niethammer, and Nick Cutter

Lihua, Kauai—The 2012-2013 HADA officers and directors were sworn in during ceremonies officiated by NADA vice chair David Westcott. Those elected for one year terms, or sworn in again for the second year of their terms were: Mike Niethammer, president, first year of a two-year term; Bill van den Hurk, first year of a two-year term; Eric Fukunaga, vice president, one-year term; Joe Nicolai, secretary, one-year term; John Uekawa, treasurer, one-year term; Stan Masamitsu Oahu director, first year of a two-year term; Morrie Stoebner, Oahu director, first year of a two-year term; Jack Jackson, Oahu director, first year of a two-year term; Kan Keppel, Oahu director, second year of a two-year term; Wayne De Luz, at-large director, one-year term; Keoni Hansen, at-large director, one-year term; Damien Farias, selected by Maui dealers for two-year term; Dan Mackey, selected by Kauai dealers for a two-year term; Brian Kitagawa, selected by Big Island dealers for two-year term. Nick Cutter, immediate past president, first of two-year term. Joe Hanley, serving his second year of a three-year NADA director's term, elected by Hawaii-based NADA membership also participated in the swearing in ceremony.

The newly-named 2013 Hawaii State Teacher of the Year, Karen Kutsunai, Kailua Intermediate, shown with KIA key, receives use for a year of a new KIA Optima Hybrid presented by Aloha KIA owner Bill van den Hurk following the Hawaii State Department of Education Teacher of the Year ceremonies held October 26, 2012 at Washington Place in Honolulu. Accompanying the car presentation, coordinated by the Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association, are 2013 Miss Hawaii Teen USA, Samantha Neyland, far left, and Brianna Acosta, 2013 Miss Hawaii USA, far right.

Hawaii's 2013 State Teacher of the Year receives use of a KIA Optima Hybrid from Aloha KIA
The 7 District Teachers of the Year each receive a $200 gas card from Aloha Petroleum, Ltd.

HONOLULU, HI—This year, as HADA president-elect Bill van den Hurk offers a fuel-efficient 40 mpg-highway KIA Optima Hybrid to the Hawaii State Teacher of the Year, to use for a year, and as HADA associate member Aloha Petroleum, Ltd. offers $200 free gas cards to all seven Hawaii District Teachers of the Year, the association notes that developing category of efficient gasoline cars will make a major contribution to achieving the goals of the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative &mdash which specifies that 30% of the HCEI's goal for 2030 be achieved through "efficiency" that is, in the ground personal transportation sector, the more efficient use of petroleum through higher mile per gallon vehicles.

HADA members recently calculated that if the nation followed Hawaii's example of the HCEI, and if the nation achieved the same goal by 2030, that more than 40 billion gallons of gasoline would be saved.

Karen Kutsunai, a teacher at Kailua Intermediate, received a 2012 KIA Optima Hybrid, use for a year, compliments Aloha Kia during Hawaii State Teacher of the Year Ceremonies hosted by State Department of Education officials at Washington Place, in Honolulu.

Aloha Petroleum, Ltd. awarded each of the 7 District Teachers of the Year a $200 gas card. Casie Gatan, marketing communications manager, made the presentation noting that Aloha Petroleum has been at the forefront of supporting fuel efficiency in private transportation and was one of the first gas station chains in the country to install electric vehicle charging stations at 3 of its locations across Oahu: Aloha Island Mart Kahala, Aloha Island Mart Waipio-Gentry, and Kailua Shell.

Van den Hurk noted that the gas-electric KIA Optima Hybrid model, which uses its gasoline engine to generate electric power to propel the car at times on electric power and at higher speeds, and certain situations, on gasoline only, won the Guinness World Record for lowest fuel consumption in a hybrid gasoline vehicle while driving through all "Lower 48 U.S. States" achieving, through "hypermiling" techniques, a record 64.55 miles per gallon, using only five and a half tanks of gas to cover every one of the Lower 48 states. That record was 61% better than the car's EPA gas mileage rating.

"We all know that top teachers will help students to go a long way with a good education," said Van den Hurk.

The Seven 2013 District Teachers of the Year received $200 Aloha Petroleum, Ltd. gas cards during the State Department of Education's Teacher of the Year Ceremonies. Shown l-r are Karen Kutsunai, 2013 State Teacher of the Year, Windward Oahu District, Victoria Coffin, Leeward Oahu District, Tracie Higashi, Central Oahu District, Paul Holwegner, Kauai District, Aaron Loque, Maui District, Amoreena Nestman, Hawaii District, and Marcus Pottenger, Honolulu District. Casie Gatan, Aloha Petroleum Ltd. marketing communications manager, presented the cards at ceremony.

The State Teacher of the Year is selected from seven District Teachers of the Year.

The Polynesian Cultural Center, the Teacher of the Year program's corporate sponsor for 27 years, awarded $500 to each District Teacher of the Year, and an additional $1,000 to the State Teacher of the Year. Gifts of instructional software for each District Teacher of the Year and other classroom technology for the State Teacher of the Year were presented by SMART Technologies.

2012 First Hawaiian International Auto Show: A Dazzling Universe of Automotive Technology
2012 Auto Show 002.JPG
Yoichi Yokozawa, president and CEO of Mitsubishi North America, (left) accompanies Peter B. Carlisle, mayor City and County of Honolulu, in giving the well-known Hawaii "shaka" sign at the outset of this year's show. The Mitsubishi iMiEV is shown in the background.

2012 Auto Show 004.JPG
Ride ‘n Drives were a popular part of the show again this year.   

2012 Auto Show 007.JPG
Features like the $100,000 Giveaway contest were real crowd-pleasers this year. Every 2 hours a contestant was given the opportunity to draw from 295 money bags in the Audi display vehicle-one bag contained $100,000. The contest was sponsored by First Hawaiian Bank and ClearChannel radio stations.

2012 Auto Show 016.JPG
The day the show opened, it was announced on the news that Hawaii had the "highest gas prices in the nation." The 40+ MPG Club, featuring gas-sipping or electric vehicles was a big hit with show-goers.

2012 Auto Show 037.JPG
The pathways to gas-savings were well marked. 

2012 Auto Show 031.JPG
Motor Trend's signature highway carpet always provides a welcome greeting and helps to guide show-goers around the show floor.

2012 Auto Show 528.JPG
At a state-sponsored press conference prior to the show's opening, Lt. Governor Brian Schatz announced that Hawaii now has the most electric vehicle charging stations per capita compared to any other state in the U.S.—1 per 5,500 residents.

2012 Auto Show 057.JPG
The new electric vehicle charging network for Oahu was on display at the Department of Business and Economic Development's exhibit.

2012 Auto Show 051.JPG
The Cars & Energy exhibit, created by HADA, the new car dealers association, showed how Hawaii's abundant renewable energy resources can be harnessed to power cars and trucks in order to reduce the state's dependence on fossil fuel. Note: In 2008, HADA agreed to support the goals of the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative which seeks to see 70% clean energy use by 2030 - with 40% from renewable fuels and 30% from efficiencies.

2012 Auto Show 017.JPG
The 200,000+ square foot convention center's main show floor was packed with more than 350 vehicles, including seven 2013 pre-production models.

2012 Auto Show 019.JPG
The Chevy VOLT is shown next to the Hawaii 5-O vehicles (from the set of the 5-0 tv production filmed in Hawaii). The flashing blue police light strobes on the 5-0 vehicles provided an exciting welcome for show-goers as they entered the show floor.

2012 Auto Show 020.JPG
First Hawaiian Bank is the title sponsor of the First Hawaiian International Auto Show. In 1977, the bank's then marketing director, Walter Dods, Jr., founded the show.

2012 Auto Show 063.JPG
The bank provided a new logo for the show this year and sponsored social media coverage of the event through Twitter and Facebook connections.

2012 Auto Show 112.JPG
The Honolulu Star-Advertiser was the co-sponsor of the show along with HADA. The auto section produced by the newspaper was packed with information about the vehicles in the exhibits.

2012 Auto Show 152.JPG
There were lots of dream cars at the show.

2012 Auto Show 181.JPG
…even dreamy classics like this ’31 Packard

2012 Auto Show 324.JPG
Features like Queen Robota added excitement and futuristic flavor to the show.

2012 Auto Show 357.JPG
Queen Robota rocked.

2012 Auto Show 352.JPG
Saturday’s crowd was the largest…matching last year for biggest day at the show.

Hawaii Auto Dealerships Provide Parade Convertibles for Congressional Gold Medal Honorees
2012 HADA Officers
The Congressional Gold Medal Parade down Waikiki on Saturday December 17, 2011 honored the members of the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team and Military Intelligence Service (MIS) for their valiant and dedicated service. The parade also honored the 1399 Engineer Construction Battalion stationed on Oahu during World War II.

Mahalo to following  Oahu dealerships for providing the car and driver for the Congressional Gold Medal honorees.   BMW of Honolulu, Cutter Chevrolet, McKenna Windward Ford and Windward Dodge Chrysler Jeep.

The parade lined up at Ft. DeRussy on Kalakaua Avenue and proceeded to Kapiolani Park through Waikiki with thousands of onlookers  lining the road on both sides.

Honorees (Parade Marshals) were carried in four HADA-coordinated convertibles at the front of the parade. The honoree in the front seat is Edward Ikuma (Sgt). Shown in the back (L-R) Oscar Miyashiro (Pfc.) and Yashio Ekimoto (Sgt.) and. All three from the 100th Infantry Battalion. Marcia Rufo is driving the Ford Mustang convertible provided by Mike McKenna's Windward Ford.

Eichi Oki, (Tech Sgt.) from the 442nd Regimental Combat Team is shown with driver Tuan Duong. The Chrysler 200 convertible was provided by Windward Dodge Chrysler Jeep.

Shown in the front seat is Kenneth Higa, (Pfc.) 100th Infantry Battalion, back seats L-R are Richard Murashige, (Pfc.) 442nd Regimental Combat Team, and Mitsuo Ted Hamasu (Sgt.) from the 100th Infantry Batallion. Tony Luu is driving the BMW convertible provided by BMW of Honolulu.

Kazuma Marty Nishiie (Sgt.) from the 100th Infantry Battalion is shown in the front and Akira Akimoto (Cpl.) from the 442nd Regimental Combat Team is shown in the back. Driving the Cutter Chevrolet-provided Camaro is Joe Lui Kwan.

The rain-glistened roadway was bright as the morning sun emerged just in time for the launch.

Trolleys carried members of the 100th Infantry Battalion and 442nd Regimental Combat Team ….most of the honorees are in their eighties and nineties, now. They each received a replica of the Congressional Gold Medal which was awarded to the 100th Infantry Battalion and 442nd Regimental Combat Team. This is the same award that the Congress presented the nation's first president, George Washington.

American flags were passed out to honorees and along the route to onlookers.

A crowd of thousands lined the avenue to honor the veterans and our active duty military.

Marine Corps band.

Navy band.

The parade finished at Kapiolani Park with Diamond Head in the background.

Hawaii's 2012 State Teacher of the Year receives use of an electric car; two charging stations

2012 HADA Officers
(L-R) Courtney Coleman, 2011 Miss Hawaii Teen USA, John Nakamoto, MMNA manager of business development electric vehicle operations, Pat Ah You, general manager of Cutter Mitsubishi, Chad Miller, 2012 Hawaii State Teacher of the Year, Yoichi Yokozawa, president and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors North America, and Angela Byrd, 2011 Miss Hawaii USA

HONOLULU, HI—With Hawaii focusing on the development of the state's abundant wind, wave, sun, geo-thermal, ocean-thermal and bio-mass energy resources, this year, an electric car (use for a year) was awarded to the 2012 State Teacher of the Year during ceremonies held at historic Washington Place, across from the State Capitol.

Chad Miller, a language arts teacher at Kailua High School, received the prestigious designation as the 2012 Hawaii State Teacher of the Year during ceremonies hosted by the Hawaii State Department of Education.

Miller will represent the state of Hawaii at the 2012 National Teacher of the Year program next year. The use of the Mitsubishi iMiEV was provided by Cutter Mitsubishi and was presented by Mitsubishi Motors North America president and CEO Yoichi Yokozawa, who said "I believe the state of Hawaii is a great location for electric vehicles. The state can be an example to the world for zero emission cars. Hawaii can show others how to make it work."

Two electric vehicle charging stations -one for the teacher's residence and one for the teacher's school parking space-- were provided compliments of AeroVironment, a Monrovia, California-based supplier of EV charging stations.

Pat Ah You, general manager of Cutter Mitsubishi, reminded Miller that Honolulu allows free parking for electric vehicles at all City and County public parking facilities and parking meter stalls on streets and roadways throughout the island of Oahu.

"The electric car presentation to the teacher is significant this year in that it demonstrates Hawaii's new car dealers' commitment to education, the new renewable energy transition, and to the next generation of young people who are customers in the future," said Ah You.

HADA officers and directors were sworn in at the association's annual general business meeting

2012 HADA Officers
HADA officers and directors sworn in at the recent general meeting of the association are (L-R) Nick Cutter, Eric Fukunaga, Stan Masamitsu, Darryl Turner, John Uekawa, Joe Hanley, Jack Jackson, Tom Griffin, Ron Hansen, Mike Niethammer, Bill van den Hurk and Damien Farias. National Automobile Dealers Association chairman Stephen Wade is at the podium reading the oath of office at the ceremony. (Not shown are board members Dan Keppel, Dan Mackey, and Joe Nicolai).

Wailea, Maui-The dealer members of the Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association (HADA) elected officers and directors for the 2011-2012 HADA year during the association's annual general business meeting Friday, October 14, 2011, held in conjunction with the HADA convention.

The swearing in ceremony was conducted by Stephen Wade, the chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association, who served as the keynote speaker for the convention. 

Those holding office during the coming 12 months are: Nick Cutter, president; Mike Niethammer, president-elect, Eric Fukunaga, vice president; Joe Nicolai, secretary; Ron Hansen, treasurer, Oahu directors Bill van den Hurk, Morrie Stoebner, Jack Jackson, and Dan Keppel; at-large directors John Uekawa and Tom Griffin; Stan Masamitsu, immediate past president, Darryl Turner, Hawaii director; Damien Farias, Maui director; Dan Mackey, Kauai director. Joe Hanley, elected separately by the members as Hawaii director of the National Automobile Dealers Association, was also installed for the 2011-2012 HADA board of director's year.


2012 FHIAS
Congressional Gold Medal Parade
Teacher of the Year
HADA 2011-2012 Officers & Directors Sworn in

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